Transform Your YouTube Channel with VidChapter: The AI-Powered Growth Machine

VidChapter’s AI empowers you to transform your videos. Generate engaging chapters with timestamps, optimized tags, and captivating descriptions for your YouTube videos. Make your content stand out and enhance viewer engagement.

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🚨 News Flash!🔍 Google and YouTube have a new crush 😍, and spoiler alert—it's not you! 🙈 It's videos 🎥 with timestamped chapters ⏰ and key moments 🌟. Kinda like bookmarks 📚, but for the video-literate! 🤓

Empower your videos with easy navigation, efficiency, and engaging content

For them -your viewers

Give your audience an unparalleled viewing experience. VidChapter enhances your content’s navigation, engagement, and retention. Stand out and make a lasting impact on your viewers.

For you -content creator

Your time is invaluable. VidChapter’s AI generates chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions 45x faster and with 4x more precision than human efforts. Elevate your videos, enhance SEO, and save precious time and resources.

The proof is in the video

Your video optimization process is as simple as 1-2-3:


Enter your video URL

Just input the YouTube or Vimeo video URL you wish to optimize.


Let AI Do Its Magic

VidChapter's AI will instantly analyze your video and generate chapters, tags, titles, and even a captivating description.


Post and Prosper

Paste the AI-generated content into your video description, publish, and watch as your engagement rates soar.

Our Journey: Simplifying Video Optimization

As content creators ourselves, we understood the struggle of optimizing videos for SEO and viewer engagement. The endless scrubbing, the painstaking process of crafting the perfect title and description, the pressure of choosing the right tags—all were time-consuming and often led to less-than-optimal results.

That’s when we decided to develop VidChapter. We wanted to create a tool that simplifies the video optimization process, enabling creators to produce high-quality content without spending hours on tedious tasks.

Meet Your Content Creation Assistant

Efficiency and effectiveness are vital for any content creator, and that’s what VidChapter brings to your toolbox. VidChapter empowers you to enhance your videos, increase viewer engagement, and optimize your content effortlessly.

Drive Engagement with AI-Generated Chapters

VidChapter’s innovative AI automatically generates high-quality, timestamped chapters for your videos, creating a streamlined and engaging viewing experience for your audience. By allowing viewers to easily navigate to the content they're most interested in.

Automated SEO Optimization

Don't miss out on potential viewers due to subpar SEO. VidChapter’s intelligent AI recognizes the key elements of your content and optimizes your tags, titles, and descriptions to ensure maximum discoverability. With our AI at the helm, your videos will be primed to rise to the top of search results.

Generate Video Titles That Stand Out

In the sea of online content, making your video stand out is paramount. That's where VidChapter comes in. Our AI creates captivating, relevant titles that instantly grab attention, compelling viewers to click and engage with your content.

Dominate The Tag Game

VidChapter’s smart tag generator identifies the most suitable tags for your video, ensuring it reaches the right audience. By accurately tagging your content, you'll increase your video's visibility and boost its ranking on search engines.

Speak The Worlds Language

Whether your content is in English, Spanish, German, or any other language, VidChapter has got you covered. Its AI technology supports multiple languages, enabling you to reach a global audience without language being a barrier.

Proof in Numbers

Since its launch, VidChapter has helped content creators optimize their videos, increase viewer engagement, and grow their channels.


On average, our users have reported a 40% increase in viewer engagement


Channels using VidChapter have seen a 20% increase in growth


Videos optimized using VidChapter have a 25% higher likelihood of ranking in YouTube and Google searches

Take your videos from good to extraordinary

VidChapter’s cutting-edge AI technology works tirelessly to analyze your content and produce precise timestamped chapters, compelling descriptions, and SEO-optimized tags

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Content creation is a dynamic, fast-paced industry where efficiency and quality are key. As a YouTuber, you understand that the small details matter—especially when it comes to viewer experience and SEO optimization. That’s why we’re introducing VidChapter, a powerful tool designed to elevate your YouTube content and streamline your workflow.

Your YouTube Secret Weapon

VidChapter harnesses the power of AI to generate high-quality timestamped chapters, engaging titles, optimized tags, and captivating descriptions for your YouTube videos.

Do you remember the days of manual video scrubbing to find key content points, spending countless hours crafting the perfect descriptions, and stressing over SEO-optimized tags and titles? With VidChapter, those days are a thing of the past.

Heads up! The cool kids on YouTube now have timestamped chapters ⏰ and key moments! 🎯 Be part of the in-crowd!😎

Automatic Chapter Generation

VidChapter revolutionizes the process of creating chapters for YouTube videos. It leverages advanced AI technology to analyze your video content, automatically generating accurate, timestamped chapters. This vastly improves the viewer’s experience, allowing them to navigate through your video with ease and find the content they’re most interested in. The result? Increased viewer engagement and watch time.

SEO Optimized Descriptions, Tags & Titles

VidChapter doesn't stop at chapters
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how to add tags
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VidChapters’ AI technology also crafts engaging descriptions, generates relevant tags, and suggests catchy titles based on your video content. The descriptions are not only compelling but are also SEO optimized, enhancing your video’s visibility in search engine results.

The tags generated by VidChapter are based on your video’s content and popular search trends, ensuring your video reaches the right audience. Finally, an appealing title is crucial to grab viewers’ attention, and VidChapter’s AI does just that.

Ease of Use

VidChapter is designed to be user-friendly. All you need is the URL of the video you want to optimize. Paste it into VidChapter, and the AI will do the rest—generate chapters, write the description, and suggest tags and a title.

Compatible with Various File Types

VidChapter goes beyond YouTube and Vimeo URLs—it can generate chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions from various file types such as SRT, VTT, SBV, and STL. This makes VidChapter a versatile tool that fits seamlessly into your content creation workflow.

Multilingual Support

Whether your content is in English, Spanish, German, or any other language, VidChapter has got you covered. Its AI technology supports multiple languages, enabling you to reach a global audience without language being a barrier.

Embrace the future of content creation with VidChapter, and give your YouTube channel the boost it deserves

VidChapter empowers you to focus on what truly matters—creating outstanding content. With its AI technology handling the nitty-gritty details of chapters, descriptions, tags, and titles, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow, improve your videos’ SEO, and provide a superior viewing experience for your audience.

A Game Changer for Various Industries

VidChapter isn’t just for YouTube or Vimeo creators. This powerful tool brings value to various industries, including education, marketing, and businesses. Let’s explore how.

For Educators

With VidChapter, educators can create well-structured, SEO-optimized educational content. With timestamped chapters, students can navigate through the lessons effortlessly, enhancing their learning experience.

For Marketers

In the world of video marketing, content discoverability is key. VidChapter helps marketers optimize their content with SEO-friendly descriptions, tags, and titles, making it easier for potential customers to find their videos.

For Businesses

Whether you’re using videos for product demos, explainer videos, or webinars, VidChapter can help. With better content organization and SEO optimization, businesses can increase their brand visibility, enhancing their customer engagement.

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Take your content creation process to new heights with VidChapter. With its powerful AI-driven features, VidChapter is your ultimate tool to create, optimize, and revolutionize your video content. Whether you’re a YouTube creator, Podcast rockstar, a Vimeo enthusiast, or prefer working with multiple file formats, VidChapter is your one-stop solution for all your video content needs.

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Generate chapters (timestamped)
Generate tags
Generate titles
Generate descriptions
Regenerate new content output
Upload files to generate chapters, titles, tags & descriptions
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Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout VidChapter

What is VidChapter?

VidChapter is an AI-powered platform that generates timestamped chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions for YouTube and Vimeo videos, streamlining the content optimization process.

How do I use VidChapter?

Using VidChapter is simple. Just paste the YouTube or Vimeo video URL, and VidChapter will analyze the video and generate timestamped chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions automatically.

How does VidChapter enhance viewer engagement?

VidChapter’s generated chapters enable viewers to easily navigate through videos, rewatch important segments, and skip irrelevant parts, resulting in increased viewer engagement and improved watch time.

Can VidChapter help improve video discoverability?

Absolutely! VidChapter’s AI optimizes tags, titles, and descriptions, improving video discoverability and increasing the chances of reaching a wider audience.

Will using VidChapter save me time and money?

Definitely! VidChapter automates the process of generating chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions, saving you time and resources compared to manual methods or outsourcing.

Can I use VidChapter for live-streamed videos?

VidChapter focuses on generating chapters for pre-recorded videos rather than live-streamed ones. However, you can still utilize the other features, such as generating tags, titles, and descriptions, for live-streamed videos once they are recorded and uploaded.

Will VidChapter work with my existing video editing software?

Absolutely! VidChapter is a web-based platform, so it works independently of your video editing software. Simply generate the timestamps, tags, titles, and descriptions with VidChapter and add them to your videos during the editing process.

How does VidChapter credits work?

Each VidChapter API call deducts 1 credit from your balance. For instance, generating video descriptions consumes 1 credit, while generating video chapters from a single video also consumes 1 credit.

If you employ all available features, including generating Tags, Titles, Descriptions, and Chapters for a single video, a total of 4 credits will be deducted from your account.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We won’t keep your money when you are not satisfied with your purchase. You have the right to request a full refund for any reason at all if;

  • You purchased the annual plan and are not satisfied, you have full 30days
  • You purchased the monthly plan and are not satisfied you have 15 days

Guess What? You can also cancel your subscription at any time. No obligation!

Can VidChapter optimize videos in languages other than English?

Yes, VidChapter supports multiple languages, allowing you to generate chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions for videos in various languages. Supported languages.

Is VidChapter compatible with different file formats?

Yes, VidChapter supports file formats such as SRT, VTT, SBV, and STL, enabling you to generate timestamps from these files.

Can I customize the generated chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions?

Yes, VidChapter allows you to customize and edit the generated content to align it with your video’s specific needs and style.

Is VidChapter suitable for all types of video content?

Yes, VidChapter is versatile and can be used for various types of video content, including tutorials, vlogs, educational videos, interviews, podcasts and more.

Can VidChapter generate chapters for previously uploaded videos?

Yes, you can use VidChapter to generate chapters for both new and existing videos. Simply enter the video URL, and VidChapter will analyze and generate the timestamped chapters for you.

What language do you support?

VidChapter is a WYSIWYG tool (Your content can be of any language). For easy dashboard navigation, VidChapter supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin (China), Italian, Thai, Arabic, Tamil, Tegulu, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindu, Icelandic, Japanese, Malayalam, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Russian.

Does this work on Mobile devices, Mac & PC?

Yes. VidChapter works for Mac, PC, Tablet, and on all mobile devices since this is a cloud-based application. It can be accessed anywhere in the world. There is absolutely nothing to download.

Do I get support & tutorials?

Yes, we have comprehensive guides and step-by-step video tutorials. Plus full support if you ever have questions or need any guidance.

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